Matching Furniture To Your Lifestyle

Whether you are aware of it or not, furniture has a massive impact on our day to day lives. It has been proven that visual stimuli, including what we do not actively pay attention to, affects our moods and can even determine our behavior.

So, what does it mean to match furniture to your lifestyle? Think about it this way, have you ever walked into a room and instantly known it belonged to any old lady? This is precisely the idea behind why matching furniture to your lifestyle is important — you want people to be able to walk into a room you own and know who you are.

Feng Shui is a term which is becoming more and more popular in room design, the idea that by decorating your space in a certain way can breathe new energy and tranquility and a sense of life into the room that it did not have before. If you want a more calm yet joyous lifestyle, then feng shui furniture is the way to go.

It is one thing to say it, but doing it is a whole other issue. Furniture can be anything from couches to coffee tables to dressers to clocks, so there is a great deal of food for thought. It can be overwhelming and you may not know where exactly to begin, but with these simple tips you will be thriving in your personalized atmosphere in no time at all!

1. Keep It Simple
Words that have been used for a thousand different things in a thousand different contexts, yet they still apply here. It is easy to get excited about your new furniture project but you should not jump the gun and start buying everything in the store.

Having a room look full of life and a little busy is one thing but studies show that plenty of space is one of the most important things about room decor when it comes to its impact on your psyche.

You may have a busy lifestyle and thus want a room which is likewise busy but in reality after a long, busy day you will want somewhere open and uncluttered to relax in and recharge, so keep your space simple and order one side table rather than twelve.

2. Have A Plan
Furniture is not something to be bought on a whim, a great deal of careful planning should go into it. Have an idea about what exactly you want in any given room and how much space you are comfortable giving up for it. Measurements and product dimensions are key when deciding which models to buy.

A theme can be good too; do you love elephants? Dragons? Themed coffee tables, side tables and clocks may be exactly what makes you happy, and if so why not reflect that in your choices? By going for a theme that you like, you are able to tie the room together and have a space which truly screams you.

A mix and match method is completely fine if you do not want to commit to a theme but there is a difference between doing it professionally and being sloppy. Even if your furniture does not match, be consistent. If every seat in your living room is a different color it can look cool, if three are the same, the fourth different and the fifth different still, then it might look incomplete.

Keep in mind the positioning of your furniture and consider that you might want to rearrange your room at some point. One of the best ways to break a slump is to change your environment which is the main reason that people sometimes completely change up a bedroom or a living room. Account for this and buy furniture that can be easily maneuvered.

3. Colors Are Key
When it comes to aesthetics affecting our moods, nothing does this more than colors. Our brains are programmed to respond with certain emotions when faced with certain bold colors — warm colors for example are more likely to heighten our arousal emotions like love and happiness, while we associate colder colors with calmness and tranquility.

People are different however, which is why not everyone has the same favorite color. Think about what colors you like, after all you are going to be the one looking at them every day. Choosing a strong color scheme can really bring a room together and give a sense of finality and completion to it.

Keep in mind however that lighter colors are more likely to make the room seem more spacious and free, while the boldness of darker colors can make you feel closed in. Consider a theme wall when painting to give a bit of uniqueness to the room and try to match it to your furniture.

Again, mixing and matching is fine if done right. Every piece of furniture being a different color might look fun and vibrant but having clear outliers within what would otherwise be a color pattern can just look messy and negate the emotional stimulus you receive by being surrounded by your favorite colors.

4. Think About Price
Budgets may seem unimportant when focusing on matching furniture to your lifestyle, after all this article is not called “matching furniture to your lifestyle on a budget”. That being said, money can play a key part in how you manage to feng shui your space.

Not only should money be considered when planning the ensemble of your room, it also expresses how you like to live. A shiny, expensive countertop in the kitchen but a practical-yet-comfy office tells people that you spend a lot of time working and make good money from it.

Expensive furniture can look nice and can sometimes be better equipped to help you with your lifestyle, like a massage chair to deal with the hours you spend hunched over a computer or a remote-control cabinet which opens to reveal your TV to keep it protected during the large amounts of time you spend away from it while traveling.

This is not to say that cheaper furniture cannot also match your lifestyle — having vibrant, fun furniture will match somebody with a more carefree lifestyle, someone who has guests over often but a small apartment so all of the couches pull out into beds for example.

5. Include Something Unique
This may seem to go against the earlier points about mixing and matching correctly, but again this can give any room a more uplifting atmosphere if done in moderation. Often referred to as a talking point, having a piece of furniture be not only different to the rest of your room but truly interesting and unique can be the finishing thing which ties your room together.

This could be an antique clock or maybe a gorgeous gold-hinged cabinet — it could even be the massage chair that was mentioned earlier. By straying away from the norm, you show that you are an individual and are ready and engaged for whatever life has to throw at you. Burglars are breaking in? It is fine if your unique item is a wall-mounted sword.

Stay Protected
When buying new furniture for whatever reason, especially if you are buying a lot of furniture at once, it is important to remain protected. Shelling out for the extended warranty is fine but most of them are so easily made null and void, so it is vital that you take fate into your own hands and get yourself covered.

With furniture protection plans you can rest easy knowing that no matter the accident, the damages or breakages to your property can be repaired, or replaced for free of charge.