Furniture protection plans have been growing in popularity in recent years as people have become aware of exactly how useful they are. However, even with this growth in numbers, there is still a large amount of the population who are not covered.

There are a few reasons we can think of as to why a person may not have a furniture plan in place, so the following information is designed to inform and reassure you that these plans are worth having.

Why You May Not Have a Protection Plan

Here are some of the main reasons we have found that people do not currently have a furniture protection plan in place:

Living on the edge. By no means is this saying that you are some sort of adventurous daredevil (although you might be) it simply means that many people have the attitude that things break and, when they do, they will deal with it.

Not seeing the point. Warranties are a main cause of people not purchasing a furniture protection plan as they believe themselves to already be covered – in truth, warranties cover little in comparison to a dedicated protection plan.

Not knowing the benefits. The leading reason why people do not invest in these plans is lack of knowledge; by knowing all of the benefits, you are sure to reconsider investing in one.

There is certainly a reason to invest in one of these plans, so rather than waiting for your furniture to break or get damaged, keep yourself protected.

Keep Yourself Covered

Warranties are great, but they do not cover everything. Did you know that even a simple stain could void the warranty on a piece of furniture? So, even if you have a faulty chair that breaks, one stain on it could mean that you cannot get a replacement or even your money back.

Moreover, furniture protection plans are in place to keep you protected even after the warranty expires, giving you more time where you can rest easy knowing you are covered.

Protection plans cover many things, including but not limited to:
All stains. Anything from food and drinks to human or pet bodily functions.
Paint and dye. Bad spill? We have you covered, no matter the splash.
Burns. Accidents happen, be protected when they do.
Sun fading. This happens over time but we still keep it covered.
Broken glass. Accidentally put your feet on a glass coffee table? Not to worry!

There are a whole host of additional things which accident plans cover and if your furniture is mechanical or electronic you can still make sure you are completely covered with more advanced furniture protection plans.

Repair Over Replace

Replacing furniture is such a hassle, it takes time and planning. If the dates do not coincide or if there is an issue, you may need to take multiple days off work or go a night without your beloved furniture.

Whereas a warranty might replace your item or give you compensation, furniture protection plans know that the easiest thing to do is to fix the problem. While under the umbrella of certain “A” Rated protection plans, you will be able to get expert technicians to come out and repair your furniture.

So, what if they cannot repair it? In the unlikely event that your furniture is unrepairable, you will be able to get it replaced at no additional cost!

Simple Language

Rather than complex technical jargon or pages upon pages of contract information with subsections and hidden clauses, furniture protection plans keep it simple, especially if you buy from a good provider.

We keep the agreement, and the language within, simple. There is no need to spend hours rifling through paperwork to find out if you are covered for a particular accident, we tell you all of this outright.

Small print is a thing of the past, so feel free to get out your magnifying glass but we can promise you will not find any surprises, except for maybe how reasonable the prices are.

Saves Money

Who does not like to save money? Correct, nobody! We provide luxury cover for non-luxury costs. While it may be easy to see any number on a price tag and second guess whether or not you need it, protection plans will undoubtedly save you money in the long run.

Due to the frequency of repairs which a protection plan can offer, your furniture will have years added on to its lifespan. That means not having to rush out to the store and spend potentially four figures every few years – instead, your beloved furniture will be kept in good condition for years to come.

We understand that accidents happen which is why furniture protection plans will ensure that you do not face any unexpected expenses for something that was completely unintentional. With a flat rate of cover, you know exactly where your money is going and will not receive any unhappy surprises.

User Friendly

How user-friendly are furniture protection plans? Well, that primarily comes down to the company you do business with. All we can do is tell you that we here at ProtectAll pride ourselves on how easy we make our customers’ lives, whether they are individual customers or our partners.

You already know that our contracts are customer-friendly, but what about interacting with the plan itself? What if you need to make a claim? Our simple three-step process means that you will never have to be in doubt over the correct process for getting your furniture looked at.

Step 1 – File a claim. Tell us your problem; we guarantee you will always be treated kindly and professionally.

Step 2 – Schedule an appointment. We are available to answer any questions at any time and can schedule a home-appointment with one of our technicians at a time that suits you.

Step 3 – Get it fixed. We are confident in the abilities of our technical experts to be able to fix your problem. If we cannot fix the damage that is covered with your plan, then we will replace the item.

You may be wondering who you speak to when taking these steps, and this is where we at ProtectAll really believe we shine. Our specialized online portal gives you a dashboard where you can see and manage all of your plans, no matter how many you have or how varied they are.

From the portal you can file your claim and log on at any time to track its progress. The portal is also where you can connect with one of our agents to get the answers to any questions you may have.

The best thing about our portal is that it keeps everything in one neat and tidy place, allowing you to manage multiple plans, track multiple claims and speak to agents at any time from one place.

Conclusion: Why You Should Buy a Furniture Protection Plan

So, now you are an expert on why furniture protection plans are so important and why you should consider purchasing one if you have not already. Furniture is not cheap and anything worth buying is worth keeping safe. Protection plans should be seen more as a necessity than a luxury, in the same way car insurance is, as they are both designed to keep you protected.