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Congratulations on your new protection plan. You’ve made a smart decision to protect your purchase from expensive repairs or replacements. We all hope that a product never breaks down and accidents never happen. However, when they do, we will be there. Now sit back and relax knowing it’s ok to use your things!

*Refer to your PROTECTALL™ terms and conditions for specific coverage details.

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New planholder FAQs

How do I manage my new plan?

We’ve made protection easy. Simply log in to the PROTECTALL™ Claims Portal where you can:

  • Download your plan documents
  • File a claim
  • Get real-time status updates
  • Chat with an agent

Create an account

Do I have to register my plan?

Your plan is active starting the date of delivery. Though not necessary, registering for an account will help you track your PROTECTALL™ purchases and provide you with online claims tools putting you in the driver seat!

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How do I file a claim?

Filing a claim is easy with PROTECTALL™.

  • Tell us what happened. When you notice damage, log into our easy self-service portal or call into our customer service to file a claim.
  • We’ll schedule a repair or replacement dependent on your PROTECTALL™ purchase. A licensed, insured expert will be scheduled to service your product. In-home service provided on many products. See terms and conditions for details.
  • Or we’ll replace it.
    If our expert technicians can’t repair damage that’s covered by your plan, we’ll replace the item.

File a claim

How does the manufacturer's warranty work with your Protection Plan?

Most products purchased come with a manufacturer’s warranty that is generally up to one year from the date of purchase and typically covers defects due to parts or workmanship.  During this time, all protection plans (including PROTECTALL™) will refer you to the manufacturer if there’s an issue with your item that is covered by their warranty so that they can resolve it.

However, if there is an issue not covered by the manufacturer during the warranty period, that is included in your plan, PROTECTALL™ will cover it.  After expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty, PROTECTALL™ covers all issues included in your plan for the remainder of the plan term.

What does my plan cover?

To download and review your plan documents, log in to the PROTECTALL™ claims portal. Or, get an overview of what’s covered with each of our plans below.

  • Furniture. Protection from stains, gouges and dings, water rings & more.
  • Area Rugs. Protection from pet accidents, pen ink, lipstick & more.
  • Outdoor Furniture. Protection from water rings, gouges, singe marks & more.
  • Adjustable Beds. Protection from power surges, faulty controllers & more.
  • Appliances. Parts and Labor coverage for electrical and mechanical failures.
  • Electronics. Parts and labor coverage for electrical and mechanical failures. If purchased, accidental damage plans include additional protection against drops and spills.