Independent Sales Rep Resources

Our commitment to empowering our sales representatives is reflected in the array of resources we provide for their success. These training videos are conducted regularly and often incorporate hands-on experiences to enhance retention and application of knowledge, which drive sales growth, and uphold our commitment to excellence in the home furnishings industry.

OWL Insights

Welcome to the OWL Insights Podcast, the ultimate resource for independent sales reps. Join our experts as we share actionable tips and strategies to boost your sales game. From prospecting to negotiation, we cover it all to help you excel. Tune in and elevate your sales performance today.

Sales Strategy Kit

The Sales Strategy Kit is packed with resources tailored just for you, it's your secret weapon to success. From training materials and product specifications to sales strategies, we've got you covered. Get ready to level up your game and unleash your full sales potential with the tools right at your fingertips.