Sporting Goods

Safeguarding your sporting goods equipment with a protection plan is essential for any athlete or enthusiast. Whether you are a fitness buff, a golfer, or enjoy skiing, a protection plan allows you to focus on improving your skills and enjoying your sporting pursuits with peace of mind.

Protection that
gives you peace of mind

Your sporting goods last longer

Discover some damage?
PROTECTALL™ plans are designed
to repair breakdowns as they
occur, so your sporting goods will
last longer.

Easy to use

Our self-service portal lets you
manage your plans, file and
track claims, and connect with
an agent all in one place.

Simple plans

All our plans are written in
plain language and are easy to
understand. So zoom in on
any of our documents and you
will not find any surprises.

“A” rated carriers

Your plan will be underwritten
by one of our AM Best “A”
Rated Carriers. So you can feel
assured your things are well

Saves you money

Your plan covers repairs by
expert technicians. If they
can’t fix it, we’ll replace it — at
no extra cost.

Sporting Goods Protection Plan

Repair and replacement protection for
Mechanical and Electrical Issues
Power Surge Damage
Functional Parts

*See PROTECTALL™ terms and conditions for details.

Claims – How it works

File a
claim online

Our self-service claims portal makes it easy to file a claim and track the status of repairs any time, from anywhere.

Schedule a service appointment

Our friendly team will help you find a time that works with your schedule and answer any questions, any time.

We’ll repair it
or replace it

We work with licensed and insured technicians to provide exceptional repairs. If we can’t fix the damage that’s covered by our plan, we’ll replace your damaged item.

Frequently Asked

When should I report a claim?

We want to resolve your problem in a timely manner. All damages must be reported after discovery. For the specific reporting time frame, please refer to your protection plan certificate under the “Plan Coverage” section.

What do I need to file a claim?

You will need your name, phone number, zip code, and though not always necessary, it is advised that you keep your sales receipt along with the terms and conditions of the program.

Is my new replacement item covered under the same protection plan?

The plan does not transfer to the new replacement item. The new item may be eligible for the purchase of a new plan, as offered by the Retailer. PROTECTALL™ is one of the only furniture protection providers that offers a consumer the ability to purchase another plan on the replacement.

If I move to another state, does my plan still cover my item?

PROTECTALL™ has a nationwide service technician network and can provide service anywhere within the United States. If you have moved out of the retailer’s normal delivery area, this plan will be limited to repair service only or terminated and you will receive a pro rata refund of the purchase price of the plan calculated based on the elapsed time since the commencement of the plan, less any claims paid.

What is the difference between the manufacturer’s warranty and the protection plan?

A manufacturer’s warranty is a limited warranty that comes with your new product at the time of purchase. The PROTECTALL™ plan does not replace any coverage provided by the manufacturer but does augment coverage during the limited period and extends protection after the manufacturer’s warranty expires.